What We Do

Ketrox - The Real Performer

We have lived with the philosophy since the day we were formed. Today that philosophy has been power of our growth. KETROX's new and innovative motor oils meet and exceed the standards of the automotive industry based on highest quality standards with 100% consumer transparency and protection. KETROX is a manufacturer of effective innovative motor oils and technical fluids. KETROX can provide a full range of lubricants including fully synthetic high-performance Passenger Vehicles Motor Oil, Gear Oils, ATF´s, Motor Oil for Trucks and Busses, Additives, Technical Sprays, Automotive Fluids and Industrial Lubricants.

Our Product

Ultron 0w30

  • Fully Synthetic Oil

    Ketrox Ultron is a Fully synthetic oil with advanced Technology

  • Improved Engine Life

    With Ketrox Ultron keep your Engine Young always

  • Higher Mileage

    Ketrox Ultron gives Mileage upto 18,000 km*

  • API & JASO Certified

    Ketrox Ultron follows all the recommendations of API & JASO

  • Increased Horsepower & Torque

    Provides extra power you need while performing

  • The Real Performer

    Better Lubrication during Extreme Weather Conditions

  • Patel Vihang

    Managing Director - CBT Trucks Ltd

    "The best and most reliable Lubricants company i have ever dealt with, over my lifetime."

  • Kinjal Pathak

    Managing Director - Hamilton Freighting Ltd

    " A very trust worthy and reliable service, with a wealth of knowledge about Oils."

  • Ayushi Shah

    Board Member – Trucking Company LTD

    “When we switched from our old brand to KETROX –we noticed a difference. We are changing out at 300 hours with great results and durability.”