“KETROX is better than other oils I’ve used as it holds its viscosity levels better. Oil tests show better performance than I’ve seen before. After 200 hours of operation the viscosity is still way up.”

- Zil Mehta General Manager – Murrin Construction Corporation

“KETROX oil samples for warranty purposes always come back 100%. Our mechanics recommend using KETROX oils & we’re saving money with an equivalent product.”

- Krunal Tailor General Manager – Frontline LTD

“When we switched from our old brand to KETROX –we noticed a difference. We are changing out at 300 hours with great results and durability.”

- Ayushi Shah Board Member – Trucking Company LTD

“We switched from another premium lubricant brand to KETROX and have preferred the product ever since.”

- Dishant Mehta Branch Manager – Lubricant LTD

" A very trust worthy and reliable service, with a wealth of knowledge about Oils."

- Kinjal Pathak Managing Director - Hamilton Freighting Ltd

"The best and most reliable Lubricants company i have ever dealt with, over my lifetime."

- Patel Vihang Managing Director - CBT Trucks Ltd